Kate Ziegler

Runner of Silly Long Distances. Designer of Beautiful Things. Rider of Bicycles. Culinary Guesstimator. Travel Fanatic. Contemporary Art Enthusiast. Fashion Magazine Addict.

Full-time Master of All Things Logistical, after-hours Partner at Union Jack Creative, Co-Director of Hollaback! Boston on the side.

Here you can find writing, rambling and instagrammed snippets of daily life. Shoes, cocktails, nails and food; fashion, running, bikes and art. Sometimes politics. Sometimes athletics. Sometimes all of the above.

My full account (running only, no stilettos) of my athletic and culinary ambitions since running the 2011 Boston Marathon for charity is at KateRuns.

Want to get in touch? Ask me anything or shoot me an email at kate [at] unionjackcreative [dot] com! I tweet and facebook, too.
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Oh hey, pretty city. I could get used to this kind of Feburary… (Taken with instagram)

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