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Full-time Master of All Things Logistical, after-hours Partner at Union Jack Creative, Co-Director of Hollaback! Boston on the side.

Here you can find writing, rambling and instagrammed snippets of daily life. Shoes, cocktails, nails and food; fashion, running, bikes and art. Sometimes politics. Sometimes athletics. Sometimes all of the above.

My full account (running only, no stilettos) of my athletic and culinary ambitions since running the 2011 Boston Marathon for charity is at KateRuns.

Want to get in touch? Ask me anything or shoot me an email at kate [at] unionjackcreative [dot] com! I tweet and facebook, too.
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7+ years and many, many miles. #showusyourchromebag #nofilter #bloodsweattears

Terrible view. (at Wompatuck State Park)

Making progress… #workingontheweeknights #wedding #invitation #handlettering (at UJC HQ)

Brenda & Jake! #workingontheweekend #wedding #envelopes #handlettering (at UJC HQ)

I’ve got blisters from hand tools, paint under my nails and Friday’s lipstick still on my coffee mug. #mustbemonday

Sketchy. #workingontheweeknights #handlettering (at UJC HQ)

I did some storytelling today, in support of the Safe Access Bill. #mysafetymatters #testify (Thanks to NARAL Pro-Choice MA for the photo!) (at Massachusetts State House)

True story. #SupremeRally (at City Hall Plaza)

Breaking in @jackujc’s new kicks. #seenontherun #nofilter

Friends, I’m angry this morning. (Mom, this post isn’t for you - I’m okay.) I’m angry at the bike chain bruise on my calf, and at the much angrier bruise taking shape on my thigh, and at the coward who kicked his car door open in front of me and then ran, but I’m feeling especially angry about two myths about biking that I talk about a lot but that came together again this morning, so let’s set those straight (again):

1) Biking is not inherently dangerous. It’s not, even without helmets, and especially not when you factor in public health benefits. It’s just not. BUT.

2) Same Road Same Rules is nonsense, and if you espouse that you’re anti-cyclist. Period. #sorrynotsorry The roads are not the same. The risks are not the same, which is why horror stories of bikes crushed by buses make the news and much more frequent fatal car accidents do not, and why we’re fighting the myth that riding a bike is Super Risky. The roads are not the same for bikes, and to assert that they WOULD be, if only bikes would follow the RULES, is false. It’s just not accurate. Sometimes, The Rules are actually less safe for bikes. Sometimes following them means taking a stand against a vehicle several times my size, and why should we expect anyone to do that in the name of The Rules? We need infrastructure and education and all sorts of things to make cycling safer still and accessible to more people, but most of all what we need is to have an honest, adult conversation about the fact that the roads built for cars CANNOT be the same, in practice, for bikes. Because physics. Because science.

And three miles and tortillas from Yessenia’s and time for fish tacos while IT’S STILL LIGHT OUT. I love this time of year. #seenontherun #nofilter

I tweeted this morning about the gender gap in cycling, and then had this glorious moment in a pack containing five other women. Work to be done, yes, but this is a huge improvement over my early riding days in #Boston. (Read the 538 Why Women Don’t Cycle piece if you haven’t already!) #bikeSH #bicycletrafficreport #bikeboston #womenbike

It’s here. Happy Pride! (Also, come march with @hollabackboston on Saturday! We’ve got this stuff, so…) #bostonpride #holla

You know what’s exhausting sometimes? Seeing the stories people send to us and speak to us and bravely share elsewhere on the internet about the regular, repeated, very real behaviors of strangers that make them feel vulnerable and scared and angry and powerless and humiliated and shameful in public, and the countless more tales of folks who, when they finally can’t ignore the catcalls and elevator eyes and hey baby’s, when they finally feel moved to demand the respect and agency they’ve been denied for weeks or months or years of so many (unoriginal, frankly) invasions and violations, are met with physical violence to top it all off.

So that’s where I’m at today. #monday #vaw #endSH #yesallwomen #shareyourstories

This weekend we drove to PA, celebrated the marriage of dear friends, danced with folks I haven’t seen in nearly a decade, went on a wine tour for charity, filled the trunk of a Jetta with plants from the gardens of family friends, snuggled some kittens, drove back to Boston in time for yard work, and took exactly two pictures of the whole adventure - one of a wine glass, and this. You’re welcome. #latergram #nofilter #thekutz