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Here you can find writing, rambling and instagrammed snippets of daily life. Shoes, cocktails, nails and food; fashion, running, bikes and art. Sometimes politics. Sometimes athletics. Sometimes all of the above.

My full account (running only, no stilettos) of my athletic and culinary ambitions since running the 2011 Boston Marathon for charity is at KateRuns.

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"In other words: Political money and hence influence at the top levels is disproportionately white, male, and with almost no social context that includes significant numbers of African Americans and other people of color.

This is why money isn’t speech. Freedom of speech as a functional element in democratic life assumes that such freedom can be meaningfully deployed. But the unleashing of yet more money into politics allows a very limited class of people to drown out the money “speech” of everyone else—but especially those with a deep, overwhelmingly well documented history of being denied voice and presence in American political life.”

Well that’s a new failure mode. I would really like my long lost pro-series Brooks back from that bike thief right about now…

Loving Lately: Fabletics

A few months ago, I fell for a Fabletics facebook ad: “Half off your first outfit!

I was running low on workout clothes, between wearing things out and losing some to the drop-off laundry service we were using in lieu of buying a washer and dryer for the house, and I was especially in need of basic black capris. $25 for capris AND a shirt seemed like a reasonable deal, even if the quality was questionable and I never used the subscription “outfit” service again.

But, friends, they are SO good.

read more at KateRuns

Wondering about all of the photos of other folks’ names on envelopes? I made a case for casual #wedding #calligraphy on the blog this week. ujcreative.com (link in profile), and check back later today for our favorite Friday links! #unionjackcreative #handlettering #invitations

Mark last Saturday down as the day @narsissist’s Heat Wave changed my life. Sorry, @lorealparisusa, but you discontinued my Infallible red, and that cannot be forgiven. (Thanks for the treat, Mutti!)

Italian Futurism: Reconstructing the Universe (and lovely letters, too) (at Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum)

This is not a lock. #Boston cyclists, spring is coming (eventually) - be careful with your bikes, lock ‘em up right! #bikes4life #fixedforever

Hi, Mom! #upskirting #holla #digboston bit.ly/1j75WiF

Coffee, holla writing and trying to pretend my living room is not still a construction zone. #sunday #nofilter (at UJC HQ)

This project looks awesome, and I want to see more - watch the trailer! (And, if you can, donate here.)

Tuesday is: #yuengling launch, Geneva Girls, neighborhood meeting, dust-free wall milestone and #handlettering #wedding invitations for @s_j0h n. Goodnight. (at UJC HQ)

All spackle, all the time. #lifelately #nofilter

Some days at my day job, I play with the art collection. Today is one of those days. #nofilter #sollewitt#eddarenouf #janegoldman (at 1 Financial Center)

For me, there is no holier temple than the movie theater. I’ve been proud to work weekends and evenings with a local film festival for the last four years, and was thrilled and honored earlier this year when my boss told me that he hoped I could take over the programming and run the festival myself when he retires.

But recently, I quit over a stupid Gerard Butler movie from five years ago that no one even remembers from the original release, because it includes scenes that exploit sexual assault. The festival was poised to be my dream job, but I couldn’t imagine sitting in the theater, among hundreds of people, and not being deeply ashamed of making them watch a film that includes scenes that take advantage of a very real, very painful thing that happens to many people every day. I tried to talk my director into taking the film off the schedule, but he refused, so I had to make a tough choice.

I love film festivals because they make us talk about film, and what films mean, and how what we watch shapes who we are and how we live our lives. So what does it say if we promote films that use rape as a plot device or as eye candy? Rape is not a storytelling tool, rape is a terrible crime that is committed every day.

In order to acknowledge the awful reality of how sexual assault affects all our lives, I am supporting the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center’s Walk for Change for the second year. Although I am very sad to have left the film festival, I know that it was the right thing to do. There are many ways to work against sexual assault in our communities. For me, it meant refusing to promote an exploitative, harmful film. For you? Please consider joining us at the Walk for Change or making a donation.

To borrow from an email my team leader sent out: other places may offer similar support services, but nowhere else offers it all for free, or is so good at anticipating all the needs and fears of every type of survivor in order to make them as comfortable as possible.

Please consider forwarding this link to anyone you feel might be interested in supporting BARCC’s very necessary work.

I have the most inspiring, passionate friends; if you can, support Liz for refusing to accept rape as a plot device, as she supports the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center’s amazing work in Boston.


Love Letters

Jack and I are not particularly pro-Valentine’s Day, but we are very much in favor of love notes and lovely letters; as a result, this particular mid-winter week can raise conflicting opinions for us.

This year, though, we’ve gathered our Valentine’s energies for good. In the midst of my lettering practice, we discovered a stash of blank notecards and a Do Something campaign to collect love letters for older adults receiving Meals on Wheels. Et voila!

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